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Now playing: Terranigma (Super Nintendo, 1995)

Save Point
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Come play old games with us!
Hi, and welcome to "Save Point"!

This is a community I set up as an excuse to get a bunch of people together and play retro games with them. Either because they didn't have access to these games in their region or language, or simply weren't born yet back then, plenty of gamers have never had a chance to stop and discover these gems. Well, here's your chance!

The current scheduled format is to play one game per month over this coming summer (June/July/August), and using this community as a means to discuss the game, help each other along, and just experience the games together as a group.

As a side effect of all this, I'm hoping some of the artistically-talented types among us can produce fanart, fanfics, music remixes, or anything along those lines for these games that might not have any of this stuff made for them!

Current rules:
#1: Don't be a jerk
#2: Mark all your spoilers
#3: Please don't make me have to come up with more than that